Five Fruits That Grow Your Beard

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Five Fruits That Grow Your Beard
Have you ever wondered if there were any natural ways that you grow a fuller and thicker beard? Maybe there is an herbal pill, or some kind of physical therapy plan or electroshock exfoliation. Actually you can grow your beard the same way people naturally boost hair growth, it's all about diet and putting the right hair growing nutrients into your body. Turns out there are number of fruits that do this for those of us with a sweet tooth. Let's look at a few.
Like many fruits, oranges are rich, vibrant source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is great for boosting the over health of our hair. Vitamins say helsp to retain hair helpers like Vitamin E and A, and is responsible for fuller shinier hair. That's not all, however, most people don't know this but oranges are also packed full of beta-carotene, flavonoids, and even magnesium, all of which will help you to fill out those pesky beard patches. 
I don't like to mix apples and oranges any more than the next person, however, we'd be fools to ignore the benefits to the proud hair we wear on our faces. Not only do apples taste great but they're also one the most popular, well known, and effective natural cures patchy hairs. They're full of fibers, vitamins, antioxidants that will grow your chin hairs strong and long. They're even rich in biotin, known for strengthen the roots for hair that grows in thicker and stays in longer. 
3. Bananas
Bananas are packed with potassium, this is a well known fact. Potassium is responsible for many of our bodies most critical functions, and it turns out that growing that facial hair is actually one of them. It's not just potassium however, bananas are packed with every beard growing nutrient known to man. Well ok, maybe slight exaggeration, but the list remains an impressive one with famous beard growers like magnesium, Vitamin A, Fiber, and much more. Bananas not only can help you fill in that beard, but can also keep the head from going bald later in life.
4. Strawberries
Make that banana smoothie a strawberry banana smoothy. These delicious treats are not only sweet and good to eat, but also full of vitamins and minerals that will help your body produce the hair it needs to make your face feel more manly. Don't listen to people who tell you it's a girly fruit. Strawberries are full of C and B vitamins that strengthen and thicken hair as well silica to naturally stimulate growth.
5. Plums
Plums are a key source of the critical nutrient bioflavonoid, also your beards best friend. Eating these lovely, sweet and subtle tasting fruits all year round will give you a thicker and fuller beard naturally, and a stronger one.
So here are just five fruits to give you a super beard. So next time someone calls you fruity just smile, nod, and proudly stroke your beard as you walk away.

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