My Top Ten Bearded Men

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My Top Ten Bearded Men
When it comes to growing out and styling your beard there's nothing wrong with learning from the greats. Of course your style should be your own, but emulating those who have gone bravely before you will be an invaluable asset as you grow out your own beard and tailor it to your own tastes and personality. So here is my top ten list of well known bearded men to consider (yes I have one of those)
1.Ceipher from The Matrix
Ceipher was one of the original crew members (so to speak) in the great Zion project as portrayed in the original Matrix, by Edward Norton. He was kind of Judas disciple if you will of the great saviour, the clean shaven Neo as played by Keanu Reeves. Truth be told I've always liked the sassy style of Edward Norton's beard but, but the style of this particular character sticks out. It's kind of an odd, but unique style that becomes very memorable very fast. Oddly enough the shape of it almost always seems to indicate the unlikable character later turned villain, in retrospect we all should have seen it coming if some of us didn't.
2.Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln is arguably at least one of the most popular presidents in U.S history. The legend of Honest Abe, however, is almost nothing compared to his beard. The beard was long but not obnoxious, thick but not unkempt, and it really made the man presidential for his time. I don't think there's anyone who's ever heard of Lincoln that doesn't think first of either his tall hat or his tall beard. His beard was just one of the many ways he was a man of great statue.
The Ancient philosopher Socrates, he's almost always depicted with a long, rich white beard in all stone carvings and paintings. We don't know for sure what he looked like but we certainly know what history thought he looked like, or at least what someone wanted people to think he looked like. His beard hinted both wisdom and gentleness with a grandfatherly appeal. He was one of the few in history who could pull off a full beard like his as a symbol wisdom and knowledge rater than someone just too lazy to shave.
4.John McCafee
Most well known for the development of his anti-software and internet security company John McCafee became something of a bad boy in business in politics this year as he sought the Libertarian Party nomination for presidential candidate for the 2016 election. He lost the nomination with about 14% support from the delegation, perhaps in part because it came out that he was potential wanted for murder which led to a deeper look into his abuse of prescription drugs. Even so he had a great cool beard. He kind of pulled of like Marvel's modern iron (another great beard) but with a distinguishing grooming style to it. Perhaps the most notable feature is the gray patches on each side that press a brown patch in between.. It offers a certain maturity along with a bit of a villainous appeal, but without being too obnoxious.
5.Julian Assange
Julian Assange became famous as founder of Wikileaks, an organization that seems to be in the business of releasing embarrassing information on major political leaders to the mainstream media. Over the years this information vigilante of sorts has grown nicely into a distinguishing beard. Its progression was a smooth one, that like fine wine only got better with age. No matter how long it gets it seems well looked after and twisted to retain a neat look almost naturally. It also melds well with the over all bone structure of his face. I'm frankly not sure how he pulled it off.
6.Charles Manson
This well known serial killer's beard only got crazier as he did. The longer he remained in prison and the more he lost his mind the crazier it became. In some ways his patchy, uneven, and discolored beard represented the chaos that was “Charles Manson”
7.Jonathan Frakes
Jonathan Frakes, best known for his performance in the old Star Trek franchise and perhaps for his somewhat lesser known roll as villain (later reformed businessman) David Xanatos in the hit Gargoyles cartoon. His beard in many ways made his career. It was a subtle, but notable addition to a face that reveals a handsome and devenir man. Perhaps it's most subtle, but defining feature is how the thin strip climbs the brim of his delicate cheak bones without adding the awkward werewolf look most men seem to get when trying to connect the sideburns.
8.Epic Beard Man
Epic Beard man is a homeless Vietnam veteran who became a Youtube sensation when a bus fight was caught on camera in which he knocked out an aggressive and agitating passenger with one punch that created a very gruesome scene that had the man requesting an “Amberlance”.
His beard has an impressive thin texture that remains stiff and still no matter how long it seems to get. It's also incredibly wellgroomed for a man who lives on the streets. It could be described as an epic Santa beard.
  1. Robert E. Lee
This proud Virginian was a great general, a fearless leader, and a man of wisdom. The only thing more distinguished than this sincere and humble man of the south was his beard. His beard, white as snow, was full one, a thick one, but not at all an obnoxious one. The shades of gray also matched both his suits, and his gray confederate uniform.
  1. Chuck Norris
Number one on any top ten list, Chuck Norris by far is the fiercest and his beard is no exception. Why? Because like him it's immortal. Just look at him from his old days of playing in oddball American karate and action flicks to his days of hosting after school karate programs for inner city youth, to his golden years now. His beard is completely unchanged. I'm not sure how he does it.
It's also said that a single hair from his beard can cure impotence and baldness in middle-aged men.
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