Best Combs To Groom Your Beard

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Top 5 Combs To Groom Your Beard
If you don't want your beard to resemble a bird's nest, you're going to have to pay special attention to it. This will involve grooming. Not only will you occasionally give your beard a good trim, but you will also want to come regularly to keep your facial hair straight and smooth. Do they actually make combs just for beards? Turns out they do and here are five of the best.
1.Baxter of California Large Comb
Available for purchase online at Amazon, Baxter of California combs are handmade in the proud country of Switzerland out of a unique and eco-friendly material developed from a neat fusion of tree pulp and cotton. It's unique craftsmanship and efficient design make it a must-have for all beard groomer. The "large" variety is called so a reason, this comb measuring nearly 8 inches long. The rotating pattern found in the comb's teeth also make for a smooth and gentle comb that straightens the beard with all of that painful tugging and pulling. Best of all it works for all textures of hair making a go-to for all your combing needs no matter who you are.
2.Pocket size Wild Wild Nest Beard

Wild Wild Nest is well known as a premier and up and coming giant in the beard grooming business. Neatly carved from wood and buffalo bone you not only have a comb that's easy on the eyes, but also one that lasts, and is easy on the beard. Though more expensive than plastic alternatives it is well worth the investment. Some complain about the small size as far as beard combs are concerned, but on the plus side, it's easier to carry around and to keep on hand for beard emergencies.
3.Kent Folding Beard and Mustache Comb
This fancy limited edition product is saw cut and hand smoothed to perfection with well-rounded teeth for a smooth combing. Plus have you ever wanted a comb that works like a pocket knife. Today is your lucky day. It's like the swiss army knife of beard combs, also perfect for emergencies and bearded men who are on the go. Available for a limited time on Amazon and sure to be collectors.
  1. Cornucopia Fine Tooth Beard Comb
The Cornucopia is a popular pick for bearded men of all statures. Perhaps this is in part because if its unique design. Aside from handmade finely crafted carrying case (an added bonus) this wooden comb comes double sided. The teeth also increase up and down the comb special designed for the thickness of your beard, so you can use it no matter what stage of growth your beard is in. The only downside is that the teeth get a bit sharp if they touch the skin.
  1. Rugged Wooden Beard Comb

This comb is pretty standard in its design but surprisingly performs well under pressure. It bears thick, wide, and sturdy teeth perfect for working out those tough tangles. It's also said to help spread and improve the effectiveness of beard oil products, so it's great for a double treatment. The company itself is so confident with its quality and performance that they even back it with a 30-day money back guarantee.
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