Fake Maxx Beard Product

Due to the popularity of Maxx Beard® product, some people are making fake Maxx Beard® product and sell them online. We have confirmed the Ebay stores   pash_1048, easydiscountlas_0, and harhshaidbl  are selling fake product. See the images below to see the difference between the fake and authentic Maxx Beard 3 in 1 Intense Solution for Maximum Beard Solution. The differences are very obvious. The authentic product comes with a child-proof cap, and the bottom of the bottle has letters "professional formula". The fake product comes with a non-child proof cap and the bottom does not have letters "professional formula". Furthermore, Maxx Beard comes with a high quality glass dropper with calibration. The fake product comes with a cheap glass dropper without any calibration marks. In addition to the difference in appearance, the fake product is very greasy, taking very long time to dry. On the contrary, the authentic Maxx Beard is non-greasy and dries very fast. We urge people to report pash_1048easydiscountlas_0, and harhshaidbl  to Ebay for selling fake products. 


Want to buy authentic Maxx Beard products on Ebay or Amazon? Check out Amazon store Hair Skin Professional and Ebay Store: 100naturals You can be assured to get authentic of our products from them. 


The bottle on the left side is fake. The one on the right side is authentic.